Get Known

Be Known

Known is a story-based, question-driven experience designed to build committed, invested relationships between new members and your church. Using a framework that creates custom curriculum, your church’s story will be embedded in each session where new members will be prompted to share their story too.

Develop a Foundation for Community and Discipleship

Be Known

Research shows that our most secure attachments occur when we feel known. The Known story framework is designed to help new members communicate who they are and who they hope to be. Commitment to and investment in the church is important, and it’s best reached when we are known. 

Know the Church

More than service times and program offerings that can be found on your website, Known’s framework is designed to help your church explain your history, mission, vision, values, and culture—essentially the who, what, when, why, and how—giving new members an inside look into what drives the church and where they can fit in.

Know How to Engage with the Church

The ability to simply navigate the church’s programming options isn’t the ultimate goal; it’s the freedom and confidence to fully engage in spiritual formation and discipleship programs, knowing why the offerings exist and that as new members, they belong.

Learn how Known can impact the life of your church.

Being Known is good for new members and the church.




Stories connect us and build trust and questions have a transformative quality that not only establish connections that are deeper than those formed by other conversational practices, but also have the potential to elicit change. In the context of Known, stories highlight what makes each church, and everyone in it, unique, and thoughtful prompts bring those stories to light. As stories help us form relationships, those relationships establish the foundation for discipleship, investment, and growth.

How It Works

Using story prompts, your church will complete an 8-session script builder to best tell the story of your church. Likewise, participants will use story prompts to tell their story over the 8 sessions. Together you’ll discover more about your church, your members, and how your story is part of God’s story, all while building the community foundation for discipleship investment.

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